Friday, October 29, 2010


Just home from school. I'm having a little coffee-and-blog time before I start working on some translation.

In the evening, some friends and I are going out for dinner and drinks because our friend Leia is going back to Israel this weekend. And I've somehow become the designated "organizer" of our group of friends, so I emailed, phoned, made reservations, emailed again, and bought a little gift and a card. I'm actually not very good at organizing---I recently helped organize a good-bye party where I almost left behind the person for whom we were having the party. And yet, people don't learn. So yes. Let's just hope things work out today.

And the comic is kind of unrelated . . . but whenever I mention a pop-culture trivia, I realize that it all comes from Marlowe. I have no idea how he manages to store all this information in his head, but he fed me so much comic book/film/literature/music trivia throughout the years that I can safely say that 95% of my pop-culture trivia comes from him. (I also only managed to retain about 25% of what he told me.)

So yes, the next time I start my sentence with "Did you know . . .," you know what my source is.

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