Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Phew. Just made it in time! Good night everyone!


  1. Hey, where do u attend class?

  2. Everybody doodles in class. But art students do it better.

  3. Ahhh you started! I'm so jealous...wish I could do it again (or try again, as I fell through the first year at two schools). Those years at the art school were so awesome and inspiring! I wanna go back! ;_;
    I hope your time at the art school will enrich your life as much as it did mine! Savour it! And you're obviously going to do so much better than I did... XD

    1. Thanks Tze! It's really exciting and it's only been two weeks!! Craziness. The atmosphere is so different from the general university atmosphere...it's so much more relaxed but also intimidating because you have to put your work out there for criticism. Thanks for the encouragement! Still very clueless but we'll see how it goes..!