Monday, July 29, 2013

Helsinki Day 3: Kallio Flea Market

Day 3! Remember the comic about the day the bunny came home? The bunny teapot artist Jan's work is available at Saila's wonderful porcelain-and-ice-cream stand in front of the shop Made in Kallio in Kallio, Helsinki. Definitely worth a visit!

More about Jan's work:

Made in Kallio
Vaasankatu 14, Helsinki


  1. damn now i wish i went helsinki. wanted to watch the northern lights. but it is expensive for us to fly over and all. definitely be looking forward to jan's work if i do go over hehe.

    1. The northern lights!! I've never seen them either but it sounds amazing...I guess some time in the winter when I have enough money!! Saila seems to generally spend the year in Prague and is in Helsinki in the I think you can find their work at either of the cities depending on the time of the year! :D