Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Welcome to the late 20s


  1. Don't dwell on this! You may be getting a bit bigger, but that is NO reason to change your lifestyle. You may only be able to eat one serving of icew cream or just 3 beers, but you can still eat and do what you want. This is coming from a guy who used to weigh over 520 lbs., now down more than 200 lbs. I still eat anything I want. Stay strong (both of you) and have fun.(BOTH OF YOU!)

    1. You lost 200 lbs?! That's amazing; it must have been really hard to do. Lately we've been careless about how much we eat and exercise, hence the extra weight...but I've really started to notice how much more quickly I gain weight compared to a few years ago. but yes, like you said, I don't think it's a reason to change my lifestyle completely. I'll just have to get a bit more exercise now and then; I always feel better when i do!