Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Silky Goodness


  1. I just can't get my taste buds around any kind of tofu. Is there a specific brand or type of tofu to try? I enjoy almost anything but tofu is not one of them. (or durian or okra or guinea pig)

    1. Durian or okra or guinea pig! I can imagine you being invited to dinner and when they ask " there anything you don't like?" and you're like, "Well, durian, okra, and guinea pigs. Oh, and tofu." HAHA! I think there are quite a few people who don't like tofu; it is a pretty funny bland, white cube if you think about it. I like almost all kinds, but silken tofu is very soft and smooth and has a consistency like a yogurt dessert (like if yogurt was harder). Flavor-wise...I don't think it has much of its own, which must be why the Germans love to use it for desserts!