Thursday, December 2, 2010

mehr Schnee

More snow! It was getting kind of ridiculous until it stopped a few hours ago. We got a good 25 cm or so of snow from last night and this morning, which is definitely enough for now. Some of the students were going berserk in the inner courtyard at school during break time and we had a 2nd-floor-window-to-courtyard snowball fight. Fun!

When I got home, there was plenty of snow on our balcony.

It's about -10C here, which is kind of cold for Berlin. But I remember calling my mom in Cambodia back when I was in university in Toronto. The conversation was totally nonsensical because I was all excited about the weather being wonderful and warm at 1C, while my mom was on the other end, unable to understand why I would describe 1C as "warm."

Warm is relative, indeed.

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