Monday, March 28, 2011

Pork Paranoia

Monday! I'm feeling better, loaded with brand new antibiotics, and back to business. 

An oldish anecdote from last month:

So yes. I visited Z and M in Turkey last month, and as planned, I'd taken a crap load of pork with me (ham, sausages, bacon bits) as a souvenir. I'd had some trouble getting through passport control in Germany (my stupid fault), so I was already a bit on edge. I eventually made it to Istanbul, but then I was suddenly struck by huge paranoia about how the customs officials were going to bust me for the 5+ kilos of pork I had in my backpack. I started imaging drug-sniffer dogs reacting to my meat by mistake (they're dogs, after all) and then me being hauled over to the examination room and being questioned and searched, and then eventually getting in trouble for bringing meat into the country.

But yes. In the end, nothing happened, and Turkey was awesome. End of story.

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