Sunday, March 20, 2011


Happy Sunday!

Another dream-related cartoon. Kind of a creepy story--on the morning of the earthquake before we even knew about the disaster, my mom told me that she wasn't feeling well and that she had a dream where she was trying to make her way out from under the rubble. I'm not a superstitious person, but it was still a bit unsettling.

I, on the other hand . . .

I have retarded dreams. I remember consciously thinking to myself in my dream, "Why the hell am I running with an ice cream cone in my hand?" I think I had to deliver it to a friend before it melted or something. It kind of reminds me of that really cute Frog and Toad story.

Or maybe I was thinking of this guy:

This is my personal favourite:

Uh. Right. Ahem.

It's Postsecret day!


  1. soft-serve! this week was march break and unusually warm, and i saw the first ice cream truck of the year!

  2. Seeing the first ice cream truck is like the first robin sighting!! AWESOME!