Sunday, July 17, 2011

Nerdlinger Part 1

I am an idiot. I left the AC cable for my laptop at a friend's house and therefore have only an hour's worth of battery power left. Talk about a first world pain.

Anyway. Updating my blog while I still can. I thought I'd upload the first of my Nerdlinger series that I started drawing a few days ago. Here goes!

Ok. Better go before my computer dies. I'm glad I have no work this weekend. Phew! 


  1. Oh that's so cool! I actually can recall a documentary I saw about japanese schoolkids who learn math with that thing and can super fast calculate in their head.

  2. That's so cool! I learned that for about 7 months when I was 8 but never got around to doing long arithmetics in my head... :-(

  3. R: Yeah, some kids are ridiculously good at it! That reminds me of something else I should draw a cartoon about...hee!

    I: I actually never got very good at it because I could never really properly visualize the abacus in my head, and I kept losing track of what I was doing after about 5 numbers. Too bad!

  4. Wow, quirky but impressive if someone can actually do that! Nice comparison btw with ait guitar hahaha.

  5. Yeah, it's weird, eh. There's nothing on the table, but you just move your fingers as if you're calculating with an abacus. Funny. But I guess air guitars are also pretty nerdy! I once watched an awesome documentary about the air guitar competition in Finland!! Hilarious and fun!