Saturday, July 2, 2011

Happy Belated Canada Day!

I know I'm a day late, but it's never too late to express my love for my second (third?) home, Toronto, where the people are friendly and the Chinatown is amazing.

Aaaand. Awesome breakfast this morning courtesy of G. First time in a while that we've had actual breakfast-y food for breakfast! (ie. We had homemade burgers for breakfast last week and fried rice before that...)

Quark+yogurt with Johannisbeeren and blueberries.
Leftover potato gratin thingie from last night.


  1. I've heard of poutine! Apparently available in the UK as well (if only it didn't make me think of a swear word...). Sounds amazing, maybe you could try the Dutch chips 'speciaal' sometime (also available in Cologne): raw onions, curry ketchup, mayo.
    The shrimps in the rolled up pancake used to be my all-time childhood favourite! Impossible to eat as they always come in a pool of oil and sauce. Slippery slobber... spill... chasing the last bite around the plate with a spoon... XD

  2. Ah, and the 'ack' beaver made me laugh... and the milk in a bag is... interesting. Not appetising, but a great way to save on packaging and the environment.
    Sorry, reacting to the foods in your comic was the first thing I did. Reflex. :|

  3. I think reading your blog and dating G has made me more food-conscious in the last few months! Seriously! I will definitely try the "speciaal" chips! Sounds delish! We might be passing through Köln on our road trip this summer, so I will definitely look for them. Thanks for the heads-up!

    As for the shrimp pancake-chong-fun-rice-roll thing (every restaurant calls it something different and it's confusing!), we've found one place so far that serves good ones here in Berlin. But oh man, talking about food just made me hungry again...!