Thursday, December 1, 2011

Things People Ask Because You're Japanese

My take on Pigs in Maputo's Things People Ask Because You Are Brazilian.

Reference: Hokkaidokürbis Wiki page

I can think of a few others, but that's all for now.


  1. Fuck it! I would eat whale if I had the opportunity. I would pretty much eat everything just to be able to say, yeah I ate that ones...

  2. OMG you don't eat whale????

    What about the question "can you see properly with those eyes?" I used to get that question, too.

  3. R: Yeah...well, I'm not a fan of people going on tirades at our first meeting. It has happened.

    I: A friend of mine was asked to "open her eyes properly" or something like that for a school photo. SHUT UP DAMMIT I'm smiling!

  4. how about 'do you know karate?'

  5. M: I might have gotten that in elementary school. A lot. Mostly because of the karate fever with all the Karate Kid movies and whatnot. The most frequent questions are generally anime-manga-TV-J-pop-related. :P