Monday, May 7, 2012

We'd love to meet you

Back to basics with good old black and white.


  1. This reminds me of a job I applied for at a magazine. They replied with an e-mail saying that they would interview potential applicants within a week's time. The week passed, and several after that as well, and as I hadn't been called in for an interview, I took a hint and didn't go around waiting for a rejection e-mail.

    About a month after the first e-mail, I received the formal rejection, telling me that the position had been taken. I had assumed this long ago, so I didn't strictly need the belated rejection. I guess they were just lazy or prograstinating.

    Anyway, funny story! I bet they regretted rejecting you in the first place. In my opinion, not very professional behavior...

    1. Yeah, that's weird, eh! Why do you even bother...kind of thing. I'm still kind of confused about this email and haven't replied. I don't really need the position anymore, but I'm so curious as to why they'd rediscovered my email and changed their mind....weirdos.