Monday, January 31, 2011

Guilty Pleasure

For all non-Canadians (not that I'm Canadian...) who don't know who the Barenaked Ladies are: they're a Torontonian band with that really big hit in the early 2000s, "One Week." Anyway, "Pollywogs in a Bog" is from their latest kids album (Snack Time) about a tadpole, um, turning into a frog. If this video doesn't make you squee and dance around, I'd say you're a cold, cold-hearted person. Well. Maybe not, but still . . .

If you enjoyed that, I highly recommend "Raisins" from the same album, and check out BNL's "bathroom sessions" on Youtube. And Ed Robertson's supercute to boot! Man. 

Ahem. Okay, okay. Good night!

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