Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Ach, so

Another beautiful day in Berlin! I could get used to this.

I think Japanese speakers probably already know this, but the German "Ach, so" and the Japanese "あ、そう (a, sou)" are pretty much synonymous and sound exactly the same. It really startled me during my first few weeks in Germany because I thought I was hearing Japanese everywhere.

I've had a very productive morning of drawing octopus comics. Working on some translation and transcription in the afternoon.


  1. I... I heard it for the first time in an anime that referred to Germany a lot (somehow they seem to be obsessed with Germany, especially the 'wrong' period)... mistook it as the character speaking German and thought it was stupid... *shame shame shame* ._.

  2. That's funny that you noticed that too! They sound exactly the same!! But yes. Japan is a weird country...I kept seeing young Japanese people dressed up in Nazi uniforms walking around the city. Uh...!

  3. Noticed that while watching dorama and anime. Thought it's funny :D

  4. i thought my dad was always speaking german. or my mom was always speaking japanese. whichever way, i thought it was the same language

  5. P: Funny! I feel like I still haven't mastered the German "ach so" though, for some reason. It doesn't seem to come out properly when I'm speaking in German...hm.

    M: Oh you multikulti kid. Germany and Japan actually have a lot in common, I've come to realize. It's strange but cool.