Friday, April 15, 2011

Fold a Crane

It's Friday! Although that doesn't really mean much to me, since I work from home...

I found this awesome toilet paper origami website some time ago, which inspired me to draw this one. This actually wasn't my idea---I read this somewhere a long time ago and thought it was brilliant.

I fear for my children.

ps. Apparently the city of Saitama makes their own cider (Japanese cider = Sprite) and they call it . . . Boncider.

Not bonsai-flavoured, though.

Saitama, you are awesome.


  1. That would be such a good euphemism for number 2... O_O In Dutch we also say "I have to knit a sweater"...

  2. ...And then the security anti-spam post thing made me type 'micack'... T_T

  3. T: Seriously? "I have to knit a sweater"? I had to literally lol. That is AWESOME!! And ah yeah, what an appropriate captcha.