Tuesday, October 18, 2011


This is what I do when I should be sleeping on Sunday night.


  1. Hahaha and wow, such a long post! I'm glad I never reached that number. Highest was 126 and ahave been hovering around 70 for a while now, phew. I just don't accept any anymore unless I'm really interested, but it is massively awkward when the colleague who sits 2 metres away from you sends a request and you ignore it. :x
    Or if you want to defriend a friend's girlfriend... what if your friend mentions something funny and they go "Hey! But I don't get it on MY wall? Wait a minute..."
    I think I like the 'friends with little friends' the most. They are so going to notice. XD

  2. that's perfect. how i felt when i cut down 900+ FB friend to 700+. then i just quit FB entirely. but I can still restart my account if I log in before the 22nd. Four more days to go!!!!

  3. Hahahahaha ich habe das gleiche gemacht.... habe ca. 100 Freunde gestrichen und hatte immernoch um die 170 und das war mir immernoch so viel. Da habe ich weiter gekürzt und habe jetzt nur noch 133... klingt besser :D Am Anfang dachte ich auch "oh shit, was der wohl sagt, wenn ich ihn delete..." aber was sollen sie denn sagen, wir sprechen eh nie per FB! Also gut gemacht :D
    Take care and hopefully bis bald! (K)

  4. I commented on this DAYS ago but the Internets went bonkers and it didn't get posted. WARGH!

    T: 70 sounds like a nice, realistic number. But yes. I'd probably give into the awkwardness and just add your nextdoor colleague anyway. And hope to delete them one day. Argh. I put M's mama on the "restricted" list the other day (I actually didn't mean to) and she wrote me a message saying "Why can't I FB stalk you anymooooore????" hahaha.

    I: Holy. 700 is huge. So yeah, it's been 4 days. HAVE YOU GONE BACK? Or are you totally FB-free now?!!

    K: Yeah, I dunno, it feels all right. It hasn't made much of a difference, as in, I don't particularly miss getting feeds from the people I deleted. It's not as big a deal as it might seem. Facebook's made our social life needlessly more complicated. It was complex enough as it was!

  5. Oh my god! Congrats! I've never started/quit smoking, but I imagine breaking the FB habit is like quitting smoking...! WHOOP!