Thursday, March 20, 2014

Tel Aviv Day 2

Shalom from Tel Aviv! After a hectic but successful week at the Leipzig Book Fair, G and I are on a well-deserved holiday in Israel. Tel Aviv is warm, sunny, bustling and delicious. I've already eaten two falafel sandwiches in the last 24 hours; I'll see how many more I can eat in the next 7 days. Also, curiously enough, we both got mistaken for someone and asked for directions on our second day. Something about my Japanese face must scream local (yeah, right).

Oh, and in case you're curious, this is how our stand ended up looking like at the Leipziger Buchmesse.  Somebody came by and told us our paper cloud looked like popcorn. Peoples!


  1. It does look like popcorn from that first picture.

  2. It does look like popcorn from both pictures. Haha

  3. VERY COOL to be in Tel Aviv! I have to agree with the previous posters...popcorn. Have fun!

  4. Have an amazing time in Isreal and bring back a lot of funky stories! :)

  5. Harking back to an earlier comic: Aren't you glad now that G starting planning the trip so many months ago? ;-)


    1. Yeah, we were like, superduper organized for the trip! And the weather was lucky!