Thursday, February 17, 2011

Meat is Romance

This isn't a comic, but I was perusing around Daily Portal Z, one of my favourite Japanese websites, and found a funny article about everything imaginable being valentinified for, well, Valentine's Day. Even if you can't read the Japanese, I recommend checking it out for pretty outrageous V-day decorations in Japanese supermarkets.

Ok, I get the wine. But V-day steak, salad, and bread?
Everything looks cuter when it's in a heart-shaped package.

So last night, after a day of translating and transcribing, I went to see a series of short films for the Berlinale with G. The last time I'd seen shorts in a theatre was at probably back in 2007 or 2008, so it was fun. I guess the biggest one they had was the 30-minute long Spike Jonze piece called Scenes from the Suburbs based on an Arcade Fire album. The others were also excellent, like the one from Iran called Untying the Knot by the currently imprisoned director Jafar Panahi about a brother and sister letting go of their family carpet to pay for a dowry. 

The theatre was packed but we managed to get good seats, and even got to hear brief Q&As with directors and other people involved. All in all an excellent evening.

and a comic to follow later!

okay. So not a comic, but here are some slices of lotus. Maybe I'll work on turning this into a wallpaper . . .
mmm, delicious lotus root.

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