Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Yikes! Past (way past) midnight--again! I had to go to a going away dinner after my German class tonight, so I got home late. And then G and I had to battle it out on online Bananagrams, so hence the belated update.

I'm pretty much the secretary of the household so I make a lot of reservations and whatnot on the phone. I got an interesting comment the other day . . .

Is my German Frenchy-sounding? I don't think so . . .


  1. Would be funny though if that was the case.

    They could change the required language every week,just to annoy people .

  2. last summer when you had just started german classes, i remember that if you didn't know how to pronounce something, you just said it in a french accent!

  3. C: Yeah, eh? It would be super confusing. It totally threw me off guard, and I was like, "Can I please speak German?"

    M: Yes, totally! I kind of said everything in a kind of Frenchy way in the beginning, but the German pronunciation is actually easier for me so I thought I'd got rid of it, but I guess it snuck back somehow.