Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Picking Skin

G likes to pick off my scabs/dead skin/other gross things on my skin.

Maybe that's his way of expressing his love. HAHA.

ps. I don't know how to label this, so I'm going to label it "dead skin." Or better: "dead skin" and "love." There's two things you don't see combined together much.


  1. Ben also does this! Some scabs never heal because of that. Or he pins me down mid-cuddle to squeeze a spot. D:

  2. You did draw a cartoon about him squeezing spots! EEEEEK!!! I don't know if G would go so far, but...IF YOU ARE READING THIS, G, DON'T GET ANY IDEAS.

  3. Too late, I already got inspired!

  4. I used to be horrified at the idea of someone popping a pimple of mine, or me popping theirs and I used to cringe when me x would ask me to. Still kind of grosses me out thinking of him asking me. But now that I've been married to much husband for 5 years we don't really have any boundaries, and its kind of a normal thing for us, and it doesn't creep me out at all. Maybe its a bit like chimps grooming each other haha I do pick my own scabs though, and I think some times a bit compulsively I do that to my partner, its hard to stop myself!

    1. Chimps grooming each other is a good way to put it...although popping other people's pimples (and vice versa) sounds painful! I sometimes threaten G that I'm going to do it, but wouldn't really go through with it. I think we might have to be together for a few more years for that, like you guys!