Monday, June 20, 2011

Nightmares and Aubergine

Oh snap, it's just past midnight! I know it's a little late, but I'm going to say this update is for Sunday.

I had my first nightmare in a long time last night. I was a witness to a murder, and the murderer (he was a classmate from my German class, even though he wasn't anyone I knew in real life) decided that he wanted me dead. He hired someone to slit my throat while I was having coffee with my mom at the crime scene (clever, I know). Fortunately, he missed (how do you do that, especially when you're sneaking up from behind?) and my mom and I managed to run home, but we were in a panic and couldn't get the door to unlock. Meanwhile, the guy was fast approaching....and I woke up. Brr.

Anyway. Another culinary weekend of gyoza dumplings, fried rice, and aubergine dip (though I left before I could taste it...ack!). I feel grateful that G loves to cook and is, in fact, an excellent cook.

I was about to say that we're a perfect team because I'm an efficient prep cook and dishwasher, but then I remembered that I broke two glasses this weekend. Ahem. Well.


  1. paneer from scratch? impressive!

  2. Meep, those are usually the nightmares I get, about danger approaching and me fumbling with keys/locks/essential items that disappeared all of a sudden.
    Also; I'm jealous. D: BUT maybe it's a good thing Ben doesn't cook that much because we'd be fighting over the kitchen all the time. But still. JEALOUS!!!

  3. Guess what happened when I did the remaining dishes... Weekend of the broken glasses!

  4. M: I know eh? Although he keeps saying that it's easy...Pfft.

    T: EEK. I hadn't had a nightmare in AGES so it really freaked me out. And you know what, my mom says the same thing--if we BOTH liked to cook, we'd probably fight over power in the kitchen all the time. So yes, it's perfect! You cook whatever awesome food you feel like making, and Ben enjoys the awesome food and cleans up. Everybody is happy!

    G: HAHA! I don't feel so bad anymore. Wait. I do, but still. I feel bad, but less bad. Relatively. I'll have to buy you some new glasses.