Sunday, June 5, 2011


Happy Sunday!

German grammar has begun infiltrating the English part of my brain at last.

G actually didn't call me Yoda, but that's what he would have said if he were a Star Wars nerd.


  1. I am pretty schure that I some problems with this as well have.

  2. Also, some months ago I was just thinking about how they render Yoda's speech in German, since a plain rendition would basically be correct German XD

    Still curious, need to check ^^

  3. HAHAHA! Yeah, you're right--I wonder what Yoda sounds like in German!

  4. Hahahaha soooo cute! XD Sorry, I keep seeing the cute side of your comics instead of the actual joke (I do see it, but the cuteness rules)...
    I also often draw comics of things that should or COULD have happened... :)

  5. T: Thanks! No, cute is definitely an awesome compliment, yay!
    Yeah, G is probably the least likely of all my friends to make a Star Wars comment...he actually didn't get the joke at first. :P