Thursday, September 22, 2011

Men and Climbing

G likes to climb slanted brick walls.


  1. Hey, I like doing that too!
    Read your comic in the wrong order... in various different wrong orders... a few times... but it works! XD And it looks very neat with the same repeated setting in each panel (I'm always too lazy to do that).

  2. T: I can't do this proper-order thing! I draw everything all over the place because I get all confused with the Japanese VS non-Japanese reading direction. D: I'm going on get on that. Soon.

    R: YUP!

  3. hahaha...I like the tag. manliness. therefore, I agree with Rico.

  4. Z: Does M climb slanted surfaces too? I'm going to start taking polls. Haha. Btw, have you moved into your new place yet? YES? YES?