Thursday, September 29, 2011

Tissue Adverts

I was somehow reminded of this out of the blue. 

Oh, free tissues. I miss them.


  1. the politicians in Taiwan advertise that way too. see my blog entry in

  2. That is so funny, I have never ever heard that before, but it's very smart ;) Cool! (K)

  3. This is genious! I go through a few packs a week, and this would be a life safer in many a situation.

    And I wouldn't be too upset, if they didn't want you for a hostess club :)

  4. I still have some packs in my purse!

    PS that guy in the second comic looks so sleazy!

  5. I: That's so funny! I don't know of any politicians who use tissues (as far as I know), but that's so awesome. And funny!

    K: If I ever start a business, I'm totally going to do ALL my advertising on tissues packets!

    C: HAHA. "Dammit, I bet I'd make a damn good hostess! Who said I wanted to work at your damn club ANYWAY! Well...I mean, I wouldn't want to even if you asked, but still!"
    The kyabakura tissue packs are generally cheap though. They don't contain as much tissue as the bank or money lending company ones. HAHA

    M: I still have a few, but I can't use them for their sentimental value. HAHA. The guys that hand out the kyabakura tissues look pretty sleazy. And pretty persistent and aggressive too, if they really want to hire you.