Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Please kindly

So it looks like the Japanese part of our film festival might not be happening after all, due to the apparently arbitrary rejection of some legal application. Or something. I don't know the nitty gritty details  (and I don't really want to), but the end result: the Japanese program has to go.

But hey, misery is funny, right? I think the best humor comes out of shitty things that happen, although I prefer them to be happening to someone else . . .

Not the end of the world. But it sucks! Booo!


  1. C: It DOES suck! It means we can't get the money that was going to fund the Japanese program, but maybe we'll get to show one or two films anyway. Crossing our fingers!

    O: (hey! first comment WHOOP!) Yes. There you go. Positive thinking. Right? RIGHT.

  2. It especially sucks because you found out at the last moment... :( Hope you can at least show a few films!

  3. We met last night and decided that we still want to show at least one film...I hope it works out! ;)