Saturday, March 31, 2012

Memory Loss

Too much red wine = memory lapses. I don't remember passing out on the couch or being dragged/carried to bed at all. It always creeps me out when stuff like this happens.

ALSO! Josh drew a diary strip yesterday featuring . . . me! My Caffeinated Toothpaste debut turned out to be a stinky (but awesome!) one. Check out the comic here! It certainly helped laugh off my hangover this morning. :D



  1. No no, that's his studiomate Johan...but yes.

  2. Such cute expressions... especially the yawn! And congrats on your guest appearance, looks like your networking is going very well. :) I hope you can meet even more artists this way!

  3. Thanks Tze! It would be fun to meet up if you're ever in Berlin/if I'm ever in Frankfurt! Let me know if you're ever headed this way!!