Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The Urge

I always write on my hand. That way I don't forget to draw the comic later . . .


  1. does this mean you pee on your hands when you have no where else to pee? or you write on your hand that you need to pee later?

  2. So we have a narrative medicine component in med school, and one of the seminars is making comics! I thought of you when I saw that...

  3. I: EEEEEW! Yes. I mean no. Uh.

    A: You make COMICS in med school? Seriously? COOOOOL! I never would've imagined! HA!

  4. So you write it on your hand and then stamp it onto your forehead, so are reminded every time you look into the mirror? :p
    LOVE the expressions, especially the sudden urge one, and of course I do the same (on paper though). XD

  5. Hey, that's not a bad idea . . . and maybe more motivation to draw up the idea quick so I can stop walking around with stuff on my face!
    And thanks T for all the nice comments! I like nice comments. Heh!