Monday, May 30, 2011

Bremen in Retrospect I

Back from Bremen! G and I had a great time in Bremen, and it's back to the normal routine in Berlin again.

We'd initially intended to get some work done in Bremen, but of course, it didn't happen (it never does). I even brought my computer so I can update my blog everyday about what I was doing, but no. I really should learn. And stop trying. I'm also ridiculously uninspired when I'm away on holiday (I guess my mind just shuts off) and I only ever seem to be able to write anything when I'm sitting at home--I would make a terrible travel blogger.
Anyway, early on Thursday G drove us to Dangast, a little village on the coast close to the North Sea. By the time we got there, the tide was pretty low so it looked like this:

And yes, in case you're wondering, that is a penis.
We walked around the vast and pretty (and mushy--although we didn't actually walk in it ourselves) Wattenmeer, picnicked, napped, and harassed sheep.

Endless dike dotted with sheep, sheep, sheep, and more sheep (and sheep poo).
Not a single sheep let us pet/cuddle/touch/get near it. Bah.
The weather was windy and gorgeous, but the clouds soon started to look ominous, so we headed back to Bremen early in the afternoon.


  1. Bwahahaa law books?! Come on!!! XD Yeah that's what happens on a trip, and if I do get inspiration there's no time to draw it-- too many impressions, not staying in the same place etc. So I promise myself to draw when I'm home, but then ofcourse the enthusiasm is gone and it doesn't happen.

    Did a guided tour through the Wattenmeer once in primairy school. I got stuck in quicksand. It was scary. D: But the guide amused us by bending over all of a sudden, digging into the mud and grabbing a cockle to eat it on the spot.

  2. I know eh! You'd think I'd learn, but no. I was a bit busy today, but I'll try to carry on with the Bremen retrospective series so I can document all the fun parts of the trip!

    And yes. QUICKSAND. Scary! We avoided walking in the Wattenmeer ourselves, but now that I know there's quicksand...definitely not happening. EEK!