Sunday, May 15, 2011

Spring Clean

Ack! I missed a day again! Blargh. I'll try to do a double update today (one more later on in the day) to make up for it.

Ooh, we got tickets for Brecht's Die Dreigroschenoper today. My first Brecht, ever! Definitely am going to need to do some pre-reading and researching so I'm not completely confused. So exciting!

I've actually been on a pretty good streak comic-wise. I've been good about actively collecting comic material. The thing is, I write things down on random pieces of paper---electronics manuals, U-bahn tickets, corners of homework handouts, inside of textbooks, backs of supermarket receipts---so I often don't find my notes until I start cleaning out my bag or my room:

It's like finding money you hid in your room and forgot about. Awesome!

More awesomes here:


  1. My notebook is full of random scraps... torn receipts, post-its (old ones, so full of dust and hairs on the sticky side), tea-stained paper... it looks disgusting.
    And yay at Blogger working again, I hadn't checked for a while because I couldn't comment, grrr.

  2. Haha! Post-its are great, especially when they've collected lots of hair and other mysterious fuzziness. My notebooks are generally pretty neat, but I think my bedroom floor is the equivalent of your notebook. :P