Saturday, May 28, 2011


Coming to you from G's parents' house in Bremen! Bremen is a super cute green city with beautiful buildings and delicious and cheap Hachez chocolate. I've been on an intense eating and German-speaking spree (or listening, rather; it takes me way too long to understand and react that by the time I actually go to say something, I'm already two conversation topics behind. My brain is on fire. I hope they don't think I'm slow. I keep thinking about how much quicker I would be to understand jokes and to make comments if it were in English and wanting to say, "I'm really not as stupid as I look!". I'm just too self-conscious. Anyway, in conclusion: my German needs serious work!)

But yes. I've been offline for three whole days and I had been coping with Internet-less-ness surprisingly well until I started thinking about my blog last night. It's okay if I take a 3-day break from my blog. But I get antsy. Hence I've shooed G out of the room (I really can't write when people are watching) for this frantic update.

Anyway. This is a little cartoon I drew last week about the time I went to a Slipknot concert (nb: I'm not a metal fan) with R, W, and B when we were 19. R lost his glasses lens in the mosh pit and we spent a good half an hour or so walking around the empty venue looking for his lens. There were at least half a dozen other people doing the same thing as us. Haha.

Long-awaited Lange Nacht der Museen tonight in Bremen! Also going running in an hour, and I'm shocked to find myself really excited about it.


  1. Hmm... I never seen that. Does that mean Slipknot fans are actually the most geekiest ones? Anyway, I'm jealous that you went to a slipknot concert x_x

  2. Well, there must have been lots of Slipknot fans with bad eye sight! It was fun gig to watch, even if it wasn't my cup of tea.

  3. What a place to lose something like that! You'd think it would've been smashes to pieces. But yes, surprising that you weren't the only ones doing that!

  4. Yeah, that was the thing! There were a ton of people doing the same thing, which was the funniest part. And yes, super-durable lenses! I believe R still uses the same pair of glasses today.