Thursday, January 19, 2012

Assholes Cover

Been very productive today. Finished putting together and creating the cover for my Asshole series. Assholes #3 and #5 ended up being personal and actually not very interesting, so I won't be posting them here, but they are included in the booklet.

Just in case you haven't read them yet, here are Asshole #1, Asshole #2, and Asshole #4.

I'm not 100% satisfied with the stories, but I like the cover. I'm just afraid there's too much black/white/grey in my portfolio. I think it's time to go buy some coloured construction paper.

Assholes: world edition. (well, the only edition)


Took me forever to cut the super-simplified world map out without tearing it!

My mom saw my booklet-in-process yesterday and said, "Asshole? What do you mean, asshole? Did you write about the anus?"

Right. Moving right along.


  1. Woah,this and also the last cover looks so great,I really like the design (especially the backside haha) :D

  2. Thanks N! :D Let's hope people at the schools like it too... (urk)

  3. Sanks! Literal backside. Har har har!

  4. i liked the covers a lot! also the other one about bring me bonsai. The "in search of soil for my roots" thing was cool, I thought the bonsai name was random and you managed to give a good explanation to it...! :)

  5. Thanks! Actually, the name Bring Me Bonsai is really random (it's a reference to a Japanese voice-over of a scene in Monty Python and the Holy Grail...admitting to this makes me an official Monty Python NERD), but I sort of forced it to tie together with my portfolio theme. Bonsai is kind of cool because it's like a little world of its own, and it's portable . . . all that good stuff. I'm glad I didn't name it something more ludicrous and random that made it impossible to tie together with the other stuff. :)