Monday, January 9, 2012


Went to my language school to pick up my C2 German exam results. I passed! With much better marks than expected! BOOYAH!

Okay, so I was actually a little bit sneaky because the exam just got more difficult starting this January (I took mine in December right before the change), but as of last December it was the highest level that you could achieve. So yes. Patting myself on the back. :)

That being said, there's still lots to learn:



  1. In dein Gesicht, Deutsch! Saughuren!

  2. Heeheehee such excitement! Congrats, well done!

  3. R: SAUGHUREN?! HAHAHAHAHA, brilliant!

    T: Thanks T! I'm chucking all my old worksheets out today. HA!

  4. Did you really say "In your face"? I love that - exactly the kind of high-brow response I'd go for in that situation. The second drawing is a fantastic capture of the excitement too. Congrats again, that's brilliant, brilliant, brilliant! xx

  5. I know, I know, I'm classy like that. :P
    Thanks! I still take a peek at my Zeugnis from time to time to boost my ego. haha. :)