Sunday, January 1, 2012


Happy New Year! The guests are finally gone, and I've had a day of eating and laziness with my family.

I hope that the year 2012 will be an awesome one for everyone. 2011 was a sad one for Japan, and a strange one for me personally. But it was also the year I started dating G, whom I love more than . . .

Phew. That's probably the most romantic declaration of love you can get out of me. Anyway, I'm thankful for all the wonderful things that happened to me in 2011. Now . . . onwards and upwards!


  1. I love carbohydrates a lot, too. So I get a pretty good idea of your feelings for him (hmmm pizza! PASTA! DROOL)

  2. Oh man. Pizza! (Could totally go for one right now.) I'm such a carb fiend . . . especially rice and pasta/noodles. I always got in trouble with my mom as a kid because I ALWAYS went for the carbs at any buffet she took me to. Come to think of it, that hasn't really changed. Huh!

  3. Ha! More than bread, but maybe not more than internet...? same here...

  4. Actually, good point. Internet definitely would be higher up than bread, but rice and noodles? That would be a hard one . . .