Thursday, January 12, 2012

White Lie

Second update! It's one of those days where I can't take two steps without coming up with an idea for a drawing or a comic. It's distracting but awesome.

Inspired by T of Mehblog's comment about compiling quirky intercultural/international couple confessions, I thought it would be fun to collect all the funny stories about inter-couples I know and to draw them. I don't know how it would all work out, but it would be great if I could gather enough for a little booklet or something.

I'm still loosely brainstorming and playing with the idea, but let me know if you have any awesome anecdotes to share that you're willing to let me use!

Anyway, this one is a funny one I heard from a friend of my mom's. They've since been married for 30+ years.


  1. Yeeeaaaah a series! If you complied a book it would be a feel-good one. Um, okay, this comic is a bad example but funny anyway. XD

  2. just curious, but was the marriage arranged?

  3. T: I know eh? I bet there'd be a lot of great stories!! Excited to see if I can find a few nice ones. (btw you should draw yours toooo!)

    R: I don't think it was, but it was something that had been planned for a while, methinks.