Friday, January 27, 2012

Typewriters and Environment and Such

Holy. I turned 26 today. I feel strange about that for some reason.

Wonderful day so far: G baked me a chocolate cake, made me breakfast, and showered me with presents, including a beautiful red typewriter!

I've always always always wanted a typewriter! Whoop!
About an hour after that, G got the results for his written Staatsexam and found out that he'd passed with an awesome grade! Whoop!

Heading to the therme and sauna to celebrate later on. Yay!

And here are some environment-related comics. I know. Totally unrelated, I know. I drew them yesterday.



  1. holy crap! me too! but not 26 though...

  2. p.s. by the way, i try to avoid writing on envelopes too, so people can reuse them

  3. You're in Berlin, right. Do you know the Liquidrom? Besides being expensive it's a great place for relaxing!

  4. I: YAY for January 27 birthdays! And nice, I write lightly in pencil so people can erase it and reuse it if they want to. :)

    #: We thought of that too, and I've heard lots of good things about it. We opted for Bad Saarow this time because they have an awesome birthday-people-get-in-free deal and we happened to have a car that day. It was awesome. But would love to try Liquidrom one day!

  5. That... that typewriter is BEAUTIFUL. O_O Ooohhhh.... so red, so classic... what a gift!
    Happy birthday! Cake overdose because of the two birthdays?
    England was a bit of s shock when I first visited; no separating at all. Paper is optional. Composting is optional for private use (that leaves out all animal products, which will go in the plain bin). That's it. There wasn't even pfand on plastic bottles! I think I started a comic about it somewhere... need to finish it.

  6. Isn't it? Ach. (swooon) Thanks! Yes, cake overdose (or food overdose in general) is about right. It was great, though. Now I REALLY need to go running...but it's so cold outside! (eep)

    I didn't know England was a lazy recycler. How about Holland? I bet you guys are The plastic bottles are so important here! Every time a visitor tries to throw one away, I'm like, (gasp) that's worth 25 cents!