Monday, November 14, 2011


Don't worry, G, not very many people read my blog anyway . . . I think.


  1. That's a sideeffect I guess. I'm glad Ben doesn't mind, his superiors read my blog!

  2. T: Whaaat? Really! I STILL hide my blog from most people. I want more people to read it, but I don't want people whom I personally know to read it. I think I still care too much about what people think.

  3. I can imagine, especially if you keep drawing about weird traits and bad habits. But that's exactly what makes the comics funny and interesting to read, lol.
    The only disadvantages are that I can't anonymously complain about people online, and that some people think they're my friends because they 'know' me (but I never bother talking to them IRL). Ugh.