Monday, November 21, 2011

Mad Conversation Skills

I gots them.
I have a list of weird questions-I-ask-people-when-I-get-stuck-in-an-awkward-conversation-especially-at-a-party, and this is one of them.

G and I ran the Berliner Staffelmarathon (relay marathon) with three other friends today at the airport-turned-park/venue Flughafen Tempelhof. I forgot to start my stopwatch so I don't know what my time was, but it was great to run as a team. Definitely doing it again next year!

Am going to sleep so well tonight. Nacht!


  1. ....That's what I usually ask. Ouch!

  2. I often ask what somebody studies. witch is kinda dangerous when I think about it, cause it may be a little bit unpleasant for some people.

  3. T: REALLY?! Awesome! I try to redirect the conversation to a more relatable field. Like animals! Everyone likes animals, right? Or sometimes I just ask it because I'm curious. A lot of people think it's a weird question they've never been asked since kindergarten. Oh well.

    R: Well, I usually ask what they study/do, and they mention something like commerce or medical engineering or something that I have trouble relating to...and then I bust out my weird stock questions.

  4. at least you can think of a question to ask! ha ha

  5. You are more than welcome to use this question. Just make sure you cite me when you do. HAHA!