Thursday, November 3, 2011

Mr. T

Alyways makes me feel a little bit badass.

Riding back from Schöneberg this morning, I passed a guy who was biking at an annoying not-slow-but-not-fast-enough pace. He passed me at the next light (by running a red light), then proceeded to bike extre-e-emely slowly and kept turning back at me and smirking. He seemed to want to talk to me, so I kept my distance and took a random turn at a light and lost him.

I pity the fool. Ha!


  1. Hahaha trandformation complete!

    Ugh, I get that with pedestrians a lot. I easily pass them by, but at the next traffic light they MUST cross through red to catch up... it's so pointless!

  2. M: I got the idea in the elevator of my apartment for some reason, and then I got all excited about drawing it. I'm glad I was close to home.

    T: Yeah. I also hate it when there's a ton of snow on the sidewalk in the winter and the person walking in front of you is superslow but it's really hard to overtake them because of the massive amount of snow on both sides of you. HAHA!

  3. That's gonna happen again in a month.D: We've had terrible amounts of snow in Frankfurt since the last two years...

  4. Frankfurt too, eh? I'm not looking forward to it...blurgh!