Thursday, January 27, 2011

Apparently it helps.

Thank you/ありがとう/Vielen Dank/ Merci mille fois for all the wonderful and multilingual birthday messages and presents everyone! I had a superawesome day with a perfect latte macchiato, no homework, and my very own Teddytaur:

My dad doesn't quite get why I'd wanted Teddytaur.

Anywho. My friend suggested an exclusive-ish club for our outing tomorrow, but he reassured me that I'll be fine:


  1. you got teddytaur!!! ha ha i love

  2. Hahahaha it is such a funny thing!!! :D And the food was lovely ;) Thx for teaching us the makis ;)

  3. M: Someone said, "You got a teddy bear for your birthday? You're 25...right?" Hurumphnut! Obviously he doesn't understand how awesome teddytaurs are.

    K: My pleasure! Thanks for coming!!!!