Thursday, February 16, 2012

exam day 1 in a nutshell

I drew this while sitting on the steps to the classroom waiting to be let inside for exam day 2.

exam day 2 is over. I am le tired.


  1. The best feeling about these tests comes after they're over. Well done!
    Funny fact- when I had to take a similar exam to get into architecture school, we were not allowed to use watercolors or anything that might end up spilling\ staining.
    I'm a little envious of that girl for being able to watercolor for 7 hours straight. A dream come true, yo.

  2. IF ONLY I knew how to use watercolour! I feel like it would make my life a lot easier, but yes. I guess I'll be working on that this year.


  3. Haha, I also noticed the 'cool' people there. An awful lot of them was also chain smoker, vegetarian (not a bad thing of course!), heathen, whatever... The day sounds fun though! Did it also make you think "Gah, I'm doing this for REAL now"? :D

  4. And especially the guys! The girls were just cool but normal-looking people, but the guys seemed all eccentric/hipstery/too cool for school. The first day was pretty intimidating, but the second day was better. A lot less nerve-wracking!