Tuesday, March 20, 2012


I'll draw a proper Bonsai later, but just some doodles I doodled late last night. Inspired by the little felt tapir that I saw at the market for 20 euros. 20 euros!

My face turned out really orange. Oops. I was on the phone with G and said "Crap! I painted my face all orange!" and he thought I was talking about my face face. 

This reminds me of the awesome commercial I saw in Canada about house hippos. Maybe I can find it...
And I did! Cutest public service announcement ever.



  1. dang! I was all like "I want a house hippo!!!" :(

  2. I want one too! My favourite part is the bit with the peanut butter footsteps...

  3. Oh my, got a lot to catch up to (I had to click 'Older posts' THREE times). Sorry! :x
    And the video is so squeeee...my heart almost stopped at the shot of the peanut butter footprints...gah...so...cute.... x__x

  4. Yaaay! It's nice to see your comments Tze! The peanut butter footprints are just oh...ah...(dies)