Friday, June 8, 2012

Sign of Summer


  1. Hai mottekurunoda,
    I've been following your blog long time ago and even have a bookmark on it. it is interesting :)
    In Malaysia, we dont have 4 changing seasons, so basically it's all summer the whole year. We get mosquito bite everytime. I love your sharing cuz it makes me feel like i was there. Btw, i know how hard it is to keep a cartoon blog updated. The sketch, inking, scanning....urggghhh.. I hve a blog too...and it have the same concept. But it is in Malay language (:|).... i like to make friends with you... feel free to visit my blog at ( )... if u need help in translation just left a comment at the latest entry.. :)

    1. Thanks for your comment roq! :) You've got a nice blog yourself! It must be nice that it's warm year round, but I definitely couldn't put up with mosquito bites all year! We just had our first snow this week...we're heading for full-on Berliner winter!