Saturday, March 9, 2013


A super-eventful Saturday!


  1. Eventful indeed! I like the return of The Reindeer Hat! :D

    I'm wondering... How much time do you spend on a comic like this? And do you use a pen from the get-go, or do you draw it with pencil first?

    1. You recognized the reindeer hat even though I was way too lazy to actually draw the reindeers on them! Props Jostein!!!

      I sketch with a pencil and then go over it in pen. This definitely look a little longer than usual...maybe just under an hour? (I also had to look up people's faces on Facebook as well) But of course I didn't colour anything in and I worked pretty quickly (I'm really impatient)...but yes. :)

    2. Haha, it wasn't so hard =) But I had to look back to find the comments on the Hat hair comic to make sure I was right ;)

      Thank you for answering those questions! Maybe your tendency to be impatient is what makes you work pretty fast? Anyhow, I admire your skill at getting things done quickly and confidently :)