Monday, July 1, 2013

Rip van Winkle

Next month, I'll be going back to Japan for the first time since I moved to Berlin---3 years ago. I'm so out of touch with Japanese news and pop culture and politics and trends when I'm abroad that I always feel super-disoriented when I go back...kind of like a bear just coming out of hibernation. I'm already excited about all the reverse-culture-shock comics I'll be able to draw!

Don't know Rip van Winkle? It's basically about a man who falls asleep and wakes up decades into the future. There's also a similar (but even trippier) Japanese fairy tale called Urashima Taro. Anyone know any other variations?


  1. Ooooh, have fun!
    Hoping that reverse culture shock won't be too bad, or at least mostly in a kinda fun, comic-able way ;D

    - Kerstin

    1. (Un)fortunately I won't be spending any time in Tokyo, which is usually an explosion of culture shock for me whenever I go back...hooray country side (Hokkaido)!

  2. Ohhh I would love to visit Japan any day. Have fun!

    Hm, culture in Brazil haven't changed much in the past few years. Or maybe I feel like that because I'm always on the internet and associate culture I see on the webs from all the word with culture here and can't really separate... oh gosh, I have no cultural background these days.