Monday, September 9, 2013

Stern to Funny

I haven't been drawing my hair differently, but I actually got a perm (at my mom's urging...and by urging I mean she almost literally dragged me to the hair dresser's) while I was in Japan. This is what G's dad had to say about it.

Also: Although they're commonly used adjectives, I think the German nuance of streng and lustig is actually quite difficult to translate correctly. Anyone have a better translation?


  1. i wonder if "serious" and "jolly" would cut it... "funny" may have a negative ring that i think "lustig" stays clear of. but then i don't think you were looking "streng" before ^^

    1. yes! "serious" is much better than "stern"!! And you're definitely right about "funny", it's definitely more along the lines of "jolly" but less dorky sounding. :sigh: These simple words are actually quite difficult to translate!

  2. I do! And I think G's dad does too! :)