Friday, April 24, 2015

Back from Japan and Tall People

I'm back! Japan (Hokkaido, Tokyo, Kyoto) with G and his parents was awesome!

Hokkaido was still snowy when we got there
Even construction sites were cute in Japan
Hardcore cherry blossom viewing marathon in Tokyo
Cutest ancient terra cotta figures (haniwa) ever!
Nighttime cherry blossom viewing in Kyoto
(despite the deceptively serene-looking photo, there were about 64 billion people around us at the time)

Anyway, we're settling back into our normal life and I actually have a ton of things to draw about, so I will start catching up on comics and drawings...!


  1. Welcome back! We've missed you! And the pics look awesome and kawaiii

  2. Wow! Glad you're back. Love the pics. Hope you and "G" had a great time.