Sunday, March 25, 2018


To be fair, the ambulance can do a lot more than I could in a medical emergency.


  1. How could it call an ambulance in the US? Isn't your medical emergency number 112? Here, it's all 911.

    1. I have a feeling the app knows which country you're in...? Apparently it's supposed to send them your location. I kind of want to know what the 911/112 people would hear on the other end, but I guess that's something we won't be able to check. OH. And by the way, G looked into the chocolates going on holiday, and apparently they do it to maintain their quality because summers are warmer....but G thinks it may just be a marketing strategy to make themselves look fancier than they are. Who knows!

    2. Oh! And by the way the app is Japanese but it called I guess it determines your country from your location and calls the appropriate emergency number!