Tuesday, August 2, 2011


My parents were fighting all weekend, and my mom went on an organizing/throwin-stuff-away rampage...

My parents have since made up, but I'm still keeping her stuff. Ha!


  1. Hm, sounds like trouble. Why are your parents fighting like that?

  2. Oof... what a heavy topic. But you made it look very endearing somehow by stretching the action of wrapping up stuff in so many panels... Well, glad to hear all's fine again!

  3. C: Oh no, thankfully they've made up and all is fine again...! (knock on wood)

    R: They were fighting over something stupid apparently...what else is new, eh? I guess most fights are like that. Meh!

    T: Thanks, we'd tentatively cancelled our trip, but it seems that it's on again. Phew. :)