Monday, August 8, 2011


Your bottle opener attached to your key ring? Yeah. Not so manly in Germany.


  1. I have a bottle opener at my keyring. I prefer to live out my other German charecteristics as be being simply efficient :)

  2. Whoa, opening with an A4 sheet of paper, that's pretty amazing. The table and another bottle trick is not so surprising. What about teeth? The Germans can't open bottles with their teeth??

  3. Hahahahahaa I love the expression of the American guy. XD
    Yeah, and find slightly chipped off pieces on every piece of furniture, right? Traffic signs are popular too.

  4. R: Ok, fine, win. :P

    I: The English guy I dated in high school used to use his teeth, but (a) it was kind of gross and (b) he had pretty bad teeth. Maybe the Germans can too, but they're probably too sensible for that.

    M: Yeah, apparently if you fold it enough times it's thick enough to open bottles with. Crazy eh?

    T: Traffic signs, eh! That sounds kind of difficult! You mean they use the pole or the actual sign?