Sunday, November 13, 2011


Another late-night update before I go to bed.

My mama's friend uploaded a video of her cat Tora, the cutest cat ever. It was hard not to draw a picture of her:
"I'm cuter in real life."
...and obsessively watch the video ca. 2500 times.

I need a kitteh in my life.


  1. hey I was wondering about the ears too. I saw a lot of cats in Japanese (or so I think) videos like that have tiny curled up ears. Is that a certain breed of cat with small ears or do they get the ears trimmed?

  2. M: It's got folded ears! NOT ugly!

    L: I KNOW! SO cute! I don't remember what breed our friend said it was, but maybe something like a Scottish Fold? I'm not really sure. There's definitely a demand in Japan for fancy weird cat breeds, and I think it was born with the funny ears.

    C: Yes, most definitely! I love the word "kibbles" for some reason. I like the way it sounds. Kibooools!

  3. ...But he's too fat right? Right? Ugh. Too cute. *watches again* Ugh.
    Love the drawing! print it on a cup or plate. :3

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  5. T: Thanks! And yes, I don't think he's supposed to be that fat...haha! My mom wants me to make a tora plate too. :) Maybe I'll do that sometime!